Recruitment Agency Midrand Johannesburg: Recruitment Agency Midrand
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Azilwa People

Recruitment Agency in Midrand Johannesburg

Azilwa People is a recruitment agency, a subsidiary of Azilwa Consulting and Advisory based in JHB, Midrand, founded in 2013.

We are a company that is passionate about the work life of individuals. Great employees are acquired early in their careers, nurtured, upskilled and challenged to be outstanding Executives. Purpose driven individuals are self-leading employees.

At Azilwa People we are for a holistic development of an employee. We are able to source from growing talent to the staying power of a mature Leader. We are those that are concerned about the life-cycle of a career and understand the complexities of an employee and her environment. We say traditions are out, but creativity, innovation and freshness are the buzz words! The right fit creates the magic!

Our Services:

  • Recruitment Solutions [junior to entry level management]
  • Drafting of job descriptions
  • CV selections and screening
  • Convening independent hearings & scribe
  • Development of HR Policies
  • Compliance reporting & audit preparations
  • Coordinating of employee events and campaigns
  • Conducting independent organisational surveys
  • Non-Executive Director placements